Welcome to Dr. Sara Beam’s blog. Compose Yourself is written for teaching assistants and writing instructors in one particular college writing program, but everyone interested in college or professional writing may benefit. Thanks for stopping by!

Who is Sara? I’m an Okie living in Tulsa who teaches writing and mentors writing teachers. I have a BA, MA, and PhD in English Language and Literature. I love reading and writing (duh) and cats and my family and friends. And porches. And autumn. And Kelly Sue DeConnick’s work.

Also coffee.

Here are some books I’ve contributed to:

Children’s and YA Books in the College Classroom: Essays on Instructional Methods

Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature (Wiley, 2015): “Anna Sewell”

And some texts I’m working on:

A 10-year follow-up to the amazing collection Voices from the Heartland

Entries for BRANCH: Britain, Representation, and Nineteenth-Century History