Graduate Writing Resources

I’ve been following this listserv thread with the Graduate Consortium Yahoo Group, and it is chock full of great resources for upper-level and graduate writers in the disciplines. One of the main kinds of resources that the original poster, Nigel Caplan, is seeking are collections of unpublished papers that students have successfully completed for Capstone, Master’s, or Doctoral projects.

Here are some of the great links people have shared so far:

Michigan Corpus of Upper-level Student Papers

Portland State University Library (dissertation and theses available)

Sample Dissertation Proposals (Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium curated by Dr. Richard A. Cherwitz, UT-Austin)

U Delaware’s Graduate Communication Support Initiative

Helpful texts:

Iddings, J., Lan, S.-W., & de Oliveira, L. C. (2014). Writing a dissertation proposal: Genre expectations. In L. C. de Oliveira & J. Iddings (Eds.), Genre pedagogy across the curriculum: Theory and application in U.S. classrooms and contexts (pp. 140–159). Bristol, CT: Equinox.

Scientific Writing: A Reader and Writer’s Guide by Jean-Luc Lebrun

How To (Seriously) Read a Scientific Paper

Oxford University Press’s series Brief Guides to Writing in the Disciplines (compact books dedicated to single disciplines, e.g. Engineering)


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