Argumentation Resources (including OK Voter Guide)

Here are some resources for understanding and teaching rhetoric; these will be immediately useful in Argumentation/Exposition and Writing for the Professions. Beyond that, understanding these concepts (at least generally) will benefit you as a student, scholar, and/or critical thinker.

 The Arg./Expo. textbooks, Writing for the Prof. textbook, and Rules for Writers contain instruction about argumentation, but supplemental resources are usually necessary to help students really grasp the terms/tools we use to analyze and compose arguments.

 PowerPoint Presentation about Toulmin model

This would be handy for in-class use or as an additional take-home resource for students who need help grasping the terms claim, warrant, evidence, etc.

 Quick video about Rogerian argumentation

This would be handy for in-class use or as an additional take-home resource for students who need help understanding the difference between the Toulmin model and Rogerian model

 Handout on Enthymemes by Ryan Slesinger (available via email on request)

Don’t be intimidated by the $10 dollar word. I was, but the 1-page handout explains the etymology of the word “enthymeme” and provides a framework for understanding and teaching Toulmin argumentation.

 Rules for Writers Exercise 6-2 “Evaluating Arguments” (available via email on request)

This 10 question quiz helps students practice identifying logical fallacies. Answers are on pages 3-5.

 OK Voter Guide from the League of Women Voters

This resource summarizes the State Questions and has been inserted in newspapers and made available in libraries for public use throughout the state. Democracy requires informed and critical citizenry; why not challenge students to examine these texts and arguments around them as an in-class activity, for bonus points, or just to build their knowledge base (for their own good)?


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